Sanna Kaasalainen appointed director of Navigation and Positioning

Professor Sanna Kaasalainen has been appointed director of the Navigation and Positioning department starting from 1 August 2019. This is a five-year appointment.

Professori Sanna Kaasalainen

Until now, Kaasalainen has worked as the acting director of the Navigation and Positioning department as Heidi Kuusniemi’s substitute, starting from 20 August 2018.

“Heidi Kuusniemi has built a strong sense of togetherness in this department, and I will continue on this same path. Both satellite and sensor positioning are rapidly developing research fields, and there are many challenges on the way, but that is what makes this so interesting”, Kaasalainen says.

Kaasalainen has had an extensive career in the field of navigation. Previously, she has also worked as a research professor in the Navigation and Positioning department.

Currently, the greatest challenges in positioning are interference and how to prepare for it. Kaasalainen’s department held a seminar on these themes on 12 June in cooperation with the Nordic Institute of Navigation. What is more, sensor positioning is developing continuously, and the goal is to seamlessly combine different positioning methods. This is necessary, for example, in smart transport.

“Quantum technologies are also finding their way into mapping and positioning systems. It will be interesting to see how they change the entire field of space science”, Kaasalainen says.

More information

Director of Department Sanna Kaasalainen, +358 50 369 6806,


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