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Sustainability report and data balance sheet for 2020 published

The National Land Survey of Finland (NLS) is now reporting its sustainability for the seventh time. The second ever data balance sheet is part of sustainable data management and reporting.

Nuori katsoo metsämaisemaa.

‘As a public service organisation, the activities of the NLS need not only to be lawful, but also sustainable. What this means is that we aim to do as much good for society as possible, while generating the lowest environmental loads we can,’ says Arvo Kokkonen, Director General of the NLS.

During the coronavirus year, taking care of people’s safety and health was emphasised in sustainability at the NLS. At the same time, the NLS was able to carry out its basic tasks and provide its basic services for customers despite the exceptional circumstances, enabled by its long tradition in multilocational work and the active development of new operating practices during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The development of sustainability will continue more broadly than ever

In 2020, the NLS took even more determined steps in the development and management of sustainability. The NLS appointed its first dedicated director of sustainability when the director of communications and social responsibility started in office in June 2020. Currently, the NLS is preparing its first sustainability programme, which is expected to be completed later this year. 

‘The sustainability programme specifies what sustainability means at the NLS, how we can develop it, and how we can make sustainable choices in our daily activities. The personnel will be largely engaged in the preparation of the programme, and we’ve already received masses of good ideas,’ says Maija Ilvonen, director of communications and sustainability.

Still going by the working title ‘Responsibility for the Earth’, the goal of the sustainability programme is that sustainability will be an even easier and more conscious part of daily activities and decision making.

The 2020 data balance sheet is part of sustainable data management

NLS datasets cover data related to properties and apartments, data related to maps and geospatial data, archived data and research data. The data balance sheet is part of the sustainable management and reporting of data at the NLS. 

‘The data balance sheet highlights the key principles and practices of the NLS concerning the sustainable and secure processing and use of data. It also includes key figures for the volumes of disclosed data, for example, and development areas in data management,’ says Petri Korpinen, deputy director general.

Read the new sustainability report and data balance sheet

Read the 2020 sustainability report (pdf)

Read the 2020 data balance sheet(pdf, in Finnish)

More information

Arvo Kokkonen, Director General, +358 40 028 0875
Maija Ilvonen, director of communications and sustainability, +358 50 487 1600 (sustainability report)
Petri Korpinen, deputy director general, +358 40 505 7421 (data balance sheet)


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