Switch from paper invoice to e-invoice

Now you can order our invoices as e-invoices instead of the traditional paper invoices.

- For the customer, the e-invoice is a simple and error-free way to pay the invoice regardless of time and place. Moreover, it is four times more climate-friendly than the paper invoice, says Application Specialist Anne Partanen, who works with the National Land Survey's invoicing system.

For the National Land Survey, handling e-invoices is less expensive than handling paper invoices. It has been estimated that the savings in costs for handling and postage would be approximately half a million euros at the state level, if at least 40 per cent of all the invoices sent out by the public administration were e-invoices by the end of this year.

When you order our invoice as an e-invoice instead of the paper invoice, you will automatically receive the invoicing information to your internet bank. If you want, you can also receive a message about incoming invoices by e-mail or SMS.

For more information about ordering e-invoices, see this page or contact your bank.

More information

Application Specialist Anne Partanen, +358 40 801 7665, firstname.lastname@nls.fi

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