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Take care of your property matters online

Do you own a property or are you planning to buy one? You can easily take care of property-related matters using our e-services.

Text: Kirsi Mäkinen

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Julia Hautojärvi

In our online service, you can check information on your properties and parcels, as well as leased areas, free of charge. The service shows the location of properties on a map and basic property information, such as the surface area, name and registration date.

You can also check ownership and mortgaging information on your properties, as well as pending cadastral surveys and registrations, including title registrations, mortgages, leaseholds, joint ownership agreements and other specific rights.

In addition, you can access the online service to check basic information on your apartment if the ownership of your apartment has been registered in the National Land Survey of Finland’s (NLS) Residential and Commercial Property Information System.

Buy extracts and certificates

In the online service, you can buy property-related extracts and certificates. Certificates of title and encumbrances, as well as the cadastral register’s extracts and maps, are available in the service for all properties. This information is needed in property transactions, for example.

Register your property’s ownership or leasehold

When the owner of a piece of land changes, the new owner must register their ownership. You can apply for the registration of ownership, i.e. title registration, in the online service. There, you can also apply for the registration of a leasehold, joint ownership agreement or other specific right in the title and mortgage register.

If you have received a request to supplement a previously submitted application, you can do this in the online service.

When you need a cadastral survey

A cadastral survey is needed when you want to establish a new property, identify the borders of a property or change the rights related to a property. Decisions made during cadastral surveys are entered in the Land Information System maintained by the NLS.

In the online service, you can apply for all cadastral surveys, including boundary demarcations, private road surveys, encumbrance surveys, partitioning or parcelling.

Complete a property transaction or apply for mortgaging

The Property Transaction Service is an online service for property owners. In the service, you can prepare and sign a deed of sale, gift or exchange for a property or leasehold, or a preliminary agreement on a property transaction.
If you want to use a property or leasehold as security for a loan, you need to have a valid mortgage. You can apply for mortgaging in the Property Transaction Service.

Use of services

You can log in to the online service (in Finnish or in Swedish) and the Property transaction service in the identification service using your online banking codes or an electronic identity card or mobile certificate.

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