Top specialists in navigation and positioning at the INTO Seminar

At the INTO Seminar that was organised in Helsinki, attendees discussed indoor navigation and other challenging forms of positioning and navigation. During the seminar, which was organised on Friday 29 November, several top specialists from universities and businesses took to the stage.

INTO 2019 -seminaarin avaus

The seminar, organised by the Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (FGI), the University of Helsinki (UH), and the Nordic Institute of Navigation (NNF) was attended by experts in navigation and positioning. During the day-long seminar, there were presentations of recent solutions and expert discussions. Director Sanna Kaasalainen from the Department of Navigation and Positioning at FGI states that seminars such as INTO are important for networking within the field.

"FGI considers it important to promote research and to increase its impact, but a seminar like this one also facilitates networking and cooperation", says Sanna Kaasalainen.

Steps towards intelligent transport

Indoor navigation was one of the most important themes at the seminar. It is currently particularly visible, because methods that improve indoor navigation are improving quickly. Indoor navigation has been considered a particularly challenging type of navigation, because it is not possible to use signals from navigation satellites.

Combining different positioning methods has, however, yielded positive results. For example, it is not possible to use only satellite positioning in intelligent transport, but rather, it is necessary to combine satellite positioning with various types of radio navigation, such as sensor navigation. By combining different methods of navigation and positioning, it is possible to ensure that it works even when satellite data is not sufficient, for example in varied terrain or an underground car park. New methods are also needed in the automated mining.

"Hybrid positioning methods are in continuous development, and through research, we are attempting to develop ever more reliable autonomous equipment. Professional seminars are important resources for scientists for promoting research", summarises Sanna Kaasalainen.

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