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We can survive this by being proactive together

We are living in unusual times. The Finnish Government declared the use of powers under the Emergency Powers Act – for the first time in our history. We are preparing for this unprecedented situation through proactivity and expertise. We will continue our operations and service production as normally as possible.

Furthermore, we are monitoring the progress of the coronavirus epidemic closely and regularly. If necessary, we are ready to adapt our operations quickly, insofar as the situation changes, by working together with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

We have already adapted our operations concerning March and April. Service points of the National Land Survey of Finland are available by appointment only until 13 April. In this way, we aim to protect both our customers and our employees. Appointments can be booked via our telephone service. Our web services and telephone service will be available as normal from Monday to Friday.

Changes in the arrangement of cadastral survey meetings

We will not send any new invitations to cadastral surveys until, at least, 30 April. According to our current estimates, cadastral survey meetings scheduled for March and April will be held normally if there are fewer than ten invitees and if there are no invitees of over 70 years or invitees who represent any other specific risk groups. If possible, cadastral survey meetings can also be held outdoors.

Any cadastral survey meetings, in which an invitee cannot participate or for which the booked conference room is unavailable, will be cancelled.

Our employees have started to work remotely

During cadastral survey meetings and in our service points, we will comply with the guidelines of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare regarding hand hygiene, we will avoid shaking hands, and we will obey social distancing rules. To secure our operations and protect our personnel, we have started to work remotely until 13 April. Remote working practices apply to all our employees who can work remotely. 

The National Land Survey of Finland has carried out its basic tasks for more than 200 years.  We conduct different cadastral surveys, maintain registers, produce map material, and study and apply the use of geospatial data in society.

We secure the operation and maintenance of registers that include information about properties and owner apartments, such as the title and mortgage register, also during these unusual times. Reliable registers in the Land Information System enable, for example, the mortgaging of a property as security for a loan.

Arvo Kokkonen

Maanmittauslaitoksen pääjohtaja Arvo Kokkonen.
Kuva: Julia Hautojärvi/Maanmittauslaitos


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