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We want to serve our customers even better

Here at the National Land Survey of Finland (NLS), we want to organise our operations and services together, both internally and externally. The management system and internal organisational structures must support this goal. We have re-designed our structures and our way of working.

National Land Survey of Finland

Not everything can be finished in one go, which means that our change project continues. We will start to deploy our organisational changes after we have completed our new framework. Proceeding to all details in operations and services will take time. Well-functioning services and structures should not be changed only for the sake of it. 

I hope and believe that our internal reorganisation will be visible to our customers through better services. We also want to provide our customers with new and advanced products and services that produce added value for their users. 

Why are these changes necessary? 

We are a driven organisation that is eager to develop itself. When turning a container ship around, the turning radius must also be high.

Our basic purpose – service production and research – is still at the core, while new expectations have changed our course, at least slightly. We cannot meet all expectations with our former organisation. We are moving towards something new.

Why are we implementing these changes? The duties of the National Land Survey of Finland are laid down in the Administrative Procedure Act. The legislation concerning our activities has been updated as our duties have changed, our operations have become national, administrative tasks have been centralised and our strategic goals have been specified along with changes in our operating environment and technologies. 

Even better services as a goal

The main goal of our new organisation is to highlight our service-driven approach. The production unit carries out tasks related to cadastral surveys, register maintenance and topographic data production. Production is still responsible for the majority of our statutory services. A service-driven approach has also brought services related to positioning and geospatial data to the production unit – tasks that were previously carried out in other units.

The Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (FGI), our research unit, is in charge of the scientific research of geospatial data and research that supports our service production. FGI also serves Finnish society at large in needs for geospatial research.

Our data management and general administration units provide enabler services for cadastral surveys, registers, topographic data and research. In addition to internal customers, these units serve the needs of the public sector. 

Arvo Kokkonen

The author is the Director-General of the National Land Survey of Finland. 

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