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World Heritage meeting at the northernmost world heritage site in Finland

The National Land Survey of Finland will organise a World Heritage Seminar at the Fell Lapland Visitor Centre in Hetta, Enontekiö on 12 April 2018. The Fell Lapland Visitor Centre was chosen as the site of the seminar, because from there it is only a short distance, as these things are measured in Lapland, to the northernmost world heritage site in Finland, the Struve Geodetic Arc station point at Stuorrahanoaivi.

Hetta maailmanperintöseminaari 2018
Photo: Maarit Kyöstilä

The World Heritage Seminar will discuss world heritage sites from the viewpoint of tourism, nature tourism and culture. The UNESCO world heritage sites are very popular places to visit, and almost two million tourists visit the world heritage sites each year in Finland alone.

It is possible to combine the seminar with a visit to the world heritage site at the Struve Geodetic Arc station point at Stuorrahanoaivi. The site is situated in the Tarvantovaara wilderness area in Enontekiö, far away from everything. A visit to the site requires good preparations beforehand from the visitor during all seasons.

The Earth is measured with the help of the Struve Geodetic Arc

The Struve Geodetic Arc, a chain of survey triangulation measurements, is one of the largest world heritage sites in the world stretching from the Black Sea in the south to the Arctic Ocean in the north. It was used to determine the shape and size of the Earth in the beginning of the 19th century. The Struve Geodetic Arc is a UNESCO world heritage site. Six of the station points that have been selected to represent the entire Arc on the World Heritage List are located in Finland. The station points have historical importance, but they also offer excellent views of the surrounding area.

In addition to the Struve Geodetic Arc, the UNESCO world heritage sites in Finland are the following: the Fortress of Suomenlinna, Old Rauma, Petäjävesi Old Church, Verla Groundwood and Board Mill, Sammallahdenmäki Bronze Age burial ground and the Kvarken Archipelago.

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