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The website uses the visitor tracking service Piwik for analysis and development of the use of and traffic to the website. Piwik uses cookies to collect information about visitors' use of the website, so that the usability and functionality of the website as well as the user experience can be improved.

Visitor information is stored or handled in such a way that individual user information cannot be monitored or examined. The information is available to the National Land Survey of Finland only, and the information will not be conveyed to third parties. You can prevent the analysis of website use in your browser's cookie settings or by installing an extension intended for this purpose into your browser.

More information about the visitor tracking service Piwik and its data protection principles

Processing of personal information

The website processes the personal information you disclose carefully, in accordance with the law and ensuring the appropriate information security.

Data protection descriptions

Website information security

Should you detect any vulnerability or weakness in the website, please inform the National Land Survey's Registry at kirjaamo(at) or use the feedback form.

Website terms of use

The National Land Survey or other information provider mentioned holds the copyright on the text and images published on the website.

The use of text from the website and linking to it is allowed in contexts that conform to good practice, provided the source is mentioned.

Images on the website may not be manipulated or edited without permission. Images may neither be used in any manner which might be perceived as offensive or unethical, nor used for marketing or advertising purposes or other commercial purposes. The user may not transfer the publishing right to a third party.

Every effort is made to keep information on the website up-to-date and accurate. The National Land Survey is not responsible for any loss or damage suffered by users due to possible errors in the information. Nor is the National Land Survey responsible for any harm caused by technical problems or any material published by external parties and linked to the website.