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Terms of use for the open interface of the National Land Survey of Finland

These terms of use shall be applied to the use of the open, free interface services offered by the National Land Survey of Finland (hereinafter NLS).

Description of the interface service

The interface service may be used freely and free of charge for testing and production purposes. It is recommended for use in a service in which performance is not critical.

The interface service is not intended for using high-volume services. NLS does not guarantee the sufficiency of capacity or commit itself to increasing capacity if usage volumes increase. The interface service is available until further notice. Its technical implementation and products have been determined and described. 

Limitation of use

NLS can limit the access of an individual interface service user to the service, where necessary, if high usage volumes interfere with the operation of the interface service.


NLS is not responsible for downtime caused by equipment malfunctions, or other similar reasons that might prevent the use of the service.

NLS is not liable to compensate direct or indirect costs incurred by the user of the interface service due to service downtime or cessation of the service.

NLS is not responsible for ensuring that the interface service works in the user’s application development or hardware environment.

Changing the service

NLS reserves the right to develop the content and functionality of the service, as well as changing its terms of use. Changes will be indicated on the service website.

Significant changes will at the latest be indicated 3 months before the entry of the change into production.


Interface service data are free of charge and fall under the NLS’s open data licence.

The user of the interface service shall ensure that it indicates the source of the material in its service.