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Real property

This section contains our services for real property owners. This section also provides information about properties and the information in our registers, as well as how you can access such information.

A real property unit or property is called a plot when it is located in an area covered by a local detailed plan. Outside such areas, a property is often called a holding (for example, a forest holding). A property can include land and water areas and shares in jointly-owned areas, as well as rights of way and other easements.

We provide services for property owners

To-do list for the buyer of a property Information for property owners

Services for property owners

Information about your property

You can check the information about your property in the NLS e-service. The service is available in Finnish and Swedish. 

Help the environment – request e-invoices

The e-invoice is an easy and safe way to receive invoices from the National Land Survey to your online bank.