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Selling a property

You can sell your property through the Property Transaction Service. In such cases, the sale does not have to be authenticated by a public purchase witness. You can also convey properties in other ways through the Property Transaction Service.

When you are selling your property or an unseparated parcel, that is a part of the property, you need to let the buyer check the following documents: certificate of title, certificate of mortgages and encumbrances and if necessary, an extract from the cadastre.

  • The certificate of title shows ownership information. If you have not applied for the registration of title, you need to give the buyer the contracts, through which you acquired the property.
  • The certificate of mortgages and encumbrances contains information about any mortgages on the property as well as registered leases and other special rights.
  • The extract from the cadastre contains information about the area of the property and any shares in jointly-owned areas.

Property information is available from the National Land Survey. Read more about ordering extracts subject to a charge. You can also order extracts and certificates from the Property Transaction Service.

Property Transaction Service

You can convey your own property, apply for mortgages or a transfer of electronic mortgage deeds.

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