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We take accessibility into account

When a website has been implemented in an accessible manner, as many people as possible are able to use it easily. At the National Land Survey of Finland we develop our websites by accounting for the accessibility perspective in the communication, structure and technical execution of its pages. At the same time, we consider the needs of different user groups.

To guarantee the accessibility of websites, the EU has enacted an Accessibility Directive. In Finland, the Directive was implemented with the Act on the Provision of Digital Services, referred to as the Digital Services Act (in Finnish).

The Digital Services Act obligates authorities, such as the National Land Survey, to implement websites and mobile services falling under the scope of the Act in such a manner that they meet the accessibility requirements. The Act’s accessibility requirements are based on the international Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 (in Finnish).

Accessible websites

We are particularly assessing and improving the accessibility of the websites mentioned in the following list. The websites will be accessible by the end of the transition period pursuant to the Digital Services Act. The transition period, with respect to most of the National Land Survey’s websites, lasts until 23 September 2020.

Once the accessibility of a website has been assessed, we will update the website in question with a link that takes the user to an accessibility statement pertaining to the said website.

The accessibility requirement does not apply to all websites

Intranet and extranet sites meant for restricted user groups will not fall under the scope of the Digital Services Act until the next time they are renewed.

The Digital Services Act applies solely to online maps and map services meant for navigation. The National Land Survey’s map services, such as MapSite, are not subject to the Act.

Although the Digital Services Act does not apply to our map services, we will pay attention to their accessibility. The National Land Survey has implemented, in cooperation with the Population Register Centre, a plain map meant for partially sighted people and people with cognitive impairments. The plain map is available in Paikkatietoikkuna. Public sector organisations may use the plain map on their own websites through the service (in Finnish).

Give feedback on accessibility

You can give feedback on the accessibility of the website or request material on the website in an accessible format using an online form or by sending a request by e-mail to

We will answer your request as soon as possible, but no later than within two weeks. In extensive requests related to accessibility, the National Land Survey has the right to extend the response time with two weeks. If you are not satisfied with our reply or have not received a reply within two weeks, you can send a notification to the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland (in Finnish).

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