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Application processing times

This page contains a list of the average processing times of applications related to apartments and properties as well as surveying services. Some applications are processed more quickly than others.

The reason for the longer processing time may be, for example, that additional information or an attachment has been requested. If there is a justified reason (e.g. planned sale of an apartment or property), the processing of the application can be speeded up by contacting the National Land Survey's customer service.

Apply for registrations concerning apartments

Updated on 15st of September 2023

Application Average processing time
Registration of ownership, same owner 10 weeks
Registration of ownership, new owner 3–4 weeks
Registration of ownership, in one of the following situations:
  • group of shares with redemption clause
  • RS procedure ends
  • changes in articles of association
5–7 days
Registration of a pledge 10 weeks
Registration of a restriction on the right of possession 1 day

Apply for registrations concerning properties

Updated on 15th of September 2023

Application Average processing time
Registration of ownership of a real property (registration of title) 6 weeks
Registration of a leasehold 6 weeks
Registration of a mortgage 1 week

Surveying services

Updated on 18th of August 2023

Cadastral survey Average processing time
Amalgamation of property units 1 month
Partitioning 16 months
Parcelling 6 months
Expropriation 8 months
Changing the name of a property 2–3 weeks
Boundary demarcation 6 months
Easement survey 4 months
Land exchange 6 months
Partitioning of a jointly owned land or water area 12 months
Cadastral surveys concerning jointly owned forests 5 months
Amalgamation of joint property units 5 months
Private road survey 7 months

The processing time of a cadastral survey starts when you submit your application and ends when the cadastral decision has been entered into the Land Information System.