Apply for a mortgage

If you want to use your property or leasehold as security for a loan, you need to apply for a mortgage. The mortgage can only be granted if the title or leasehold has been registered in the title and mortgage register. You can apply for a mortgage and a registration of title at the same time. When the mortgage has been granted, it is shown on the certificate of mortgages and encumbrances.

The mortgage can be directed at a property, at an unseparated parcel or a specified share of a property. A lease can be mortgaged if it meets certain conditions.

You will be notified when the mortgage has been decided and the electronic mortgage deed has been registered in the title and mortgage register.A mortgage is valid until further notice. It must be terminated when it is no longer needed.

Electronic mortgage

An electronic mortgage deed means an entry in the title and mortgage register, which shows that an electronic mortgage deed has been issued for the mortgage. The recipient of the electronic mortgage deed is entered in the register. No paper version of the electronic mortgage deed is issued to the applicant, only the decision on the granting of the mortgage. The recipient of a mortgage deed can apply for a transfer of an electronic mortgage deed.

Written mortgage deeds will no longer be granted. Written mortgage deeds will still be fully valid, but they must be converted to electronic mortgage deeds, if you want to use them. When you apply for any kind of change to a mortgage, for which a written mortgage deed has been issued, the mortgage deed is automatically converted to an electronic one free of charge.

Application for a transfer of an electronic mortgage deed.

Processing time

A mortgage application will be processed within 2–3 months.

Apply for a mortgage

  1. Fill in an application form online by using the Property Transaction Service (in Finnish) or download an application form (in Finnish) here.
  2. Sign your application and send it by post or e-mail. Please note that ordinary, unencrypted e-mail is not secure. Send documents containing confidential information by secured e-mail or

How much does a mortgage cost?

Each registered mortgage is subject to a charge.

If you apply for a mortgage through the Property Transaction Service, you will be expected to pay as you apply. In other cases the charge becomes payable when the decision has been given.

Do you need help filling in an application?

Contact our customer service by phone at 029 530 1110.

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