Customer service

Please contact us primarily via our online form, by e-mail or by phone. If your case concerns a particular property, please find out the property identifier before contacting us. Please note that ordinary, unencrypted e-mail is not secure. Send documents containing confidential information by secured e-mail service.

Our customer service is open Mon–Fri at 9–16:15

  • Online contact form
  • E-mail
  • Secured e-mail service (secured e-mail for large attachments and encrypted e-mail)
  • Phone 029 530 1110 (in Finnish and English) or 029 530 1120 (Swedish). The cost of a call is a local network charge or a mobile phone charge in accordance with the caller's telephone operator contract.

Customer service street addresses

Customer service street addresses and opening hours

Application forms and mailing addresses

Application forms and mailing addresses