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Document publicity description of data maintained by the National Land Survey

In the operations of the National Land Survey, information about property units and housing company shares, as well as information about ownership, mortgages and spatial data are generated and maintained.

In accordance with the principle of the right of access to documents, everyone has the right to access information in public documents and recordings. Such a request for information must, however, be specified in sufficient detail. The National Land Survey has a duty to assist in specifying a request.

This description is published to comply with the demand in accordance with the principle of the right of access and open government by describing how a case is processed, the data that is managed and search terms used in searching for the information. The description also encourages those seeking for information to read more detailed descriptions and instructions on the National Land Survey's website, as well as the opportunties to search for information independently by using our services.

Case management

Cases related to the tasks and operations of the National Land Survey are registered in a Case Register. The Case Register contains information about cases that have been processed or are currently being processed and the stage of processing. Cases processed by the National Land Survey include, for example, cadastral surveys, cases related to registering titles and rights, as well as administrative decisions. Documents, such as applications with appendices, are also attached to the cases.

Information in the Case Register is processed in our case management systems. Cases and adjacent information can be searched using various search terms, such as customer name, property identifier, municipality where the property unit is located, application identifier or cadastral survey number, information in the application or concerning the cadastral survey, and dates pertaining to the processing of the case.

Information about archived cases and attached documents can be looked at and given copies of via the National Land Survey's customer service. Authorities and professional users can browse information in the National Land Survey's archives in the Land Information System (available in Finnish and Swedish).

Information management

The National Land Survey is responsible for managing the following data sets pertaining to its statutory tasks: property information, information about housing company shares, map and spatial data, research information and information related to the maintenance of the above-mentioned. Information is processed using maintenance systems. The National Land Survey's data balance sheet  contains a more detailed description of the data and how it is managed, grounds for updating information and the purpose and significance of the data for society.

The National Land Survey's e-services give access to a part to the data produced and maintained by the National Land Survey. Each e-service contains more detailed descriptions of the available data and search terms, as well as any conditions for accessing the data and whether or not the data carries a charge.

Information about properties can be searched using the property identifier and by selecting an area on the map. Property owners who have a Finnish personal identity code can use it to find information about the properties they own. Information for apartment owners is available, if the share certificate has been converted to electronic form. Information about a property, unseparated parcel, or housing company shares that you own and lease rights that you hold is available from the NLS e-service (in Finnish and Swedish).

Maps and spatial data maintained by the National Land Survey can be viewed and downloaded from online services, such as the map services provided by the National Land Survey. Search terms are mentioned on each service's website. You can search using the map sheet number, by selecting an area on the map, and by place name.

Publications resulting from scientific research and work by experts at the National Land Survey can be browsed in NLS publication archive, service and the NLS website (mainly Finnish, some Swedish publications). You can also request them by e-mail from the National Land Survey's library. You can search by author or publication name, for example. Research data that were used and generated in projects can be published.

Requesting information

The object of an information request submitted to the National Land Survey can be a single piece of information, a document containing a selection of specific information, or a larger dataset. Information requests can be sent to the National Land Survey's customer service.

Information about personal data processing, the availability of checking your own personal data and requesting a check on information in our registers is available on the webpage Processing of personal data at NLS.