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Sustainability is part of our daily work

Ihmiset rakentavat tornia kahvikupeista.

At the National Land Survey of Finland, sustainability means that the perspectives of wellbeing of the environment, people and the economy are taken into account in decision making, our research, development and daily work.

The National Land Survey is committed on its part to promote the fulfilment of Finland's sustainability goals and further the UN's goals for sustainable development (Agenda 2030).

Data to serve society

We offer information, research results and innovations as extensively as possible for others to use and further develop. We develop our datasets and services in cooperation with our customers and partners.

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People who feel well

Together, we take care of each other’s wellbeing, satisfaction and development opportunities. We promote diversity, equality and non-discrimination in our operating culture.

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Sustainable environment

We reduce the carbon footprint of our operations. We produce knowledge and research to support decision making and development that can slow down climate change and promote biodiversity.

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Economic sustainability

In our operations, we foster reliability, interactivity and transparency, and develop our sustainability skills. We use our resources responsibly and develop operational effectiveness.


Development of sustainability

The first NLS sustainability programme was completed at the end of 2021. Sustainability has been reported since 2014.

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