Application forms and mailing addresses

You can send applications by post or e-mail. Application forms are only in Finnish and Swedish.

Applications for registration of title or mortgage

Please send applications for registration of title, mortgage or special rights including appendices to one of the following addresses:

You can apply for registration of title via the NLS e-service (in Finnish or in Swedish), if the public purchase witness has attested, for instance, the purchase, gift or exchange.

Applications for registration for cadastral surveys

Please send applications for cadastral surveys to one of the following addresses:

Other applications

Applications regarding registers (e.g. changing the name of a property or combining two or more properties) should be sent to the following address:

Information requested by the NLS

If necessary, the NLS will send a letter to ask you to complete your application.

  • Please send the completed form or other complementary documents to the address given in the letter sent by the NLS
  • Please write your name, personal identity code and contact information clearly on the document.

Other mail

All other mail should be sent to the following address: