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Property Transaction Service

The Property Transaction Service is an online service offered by the National Land Survey.

In the Property Transaction Service you can

  • draft and sign a bill of sale, deed of gift, deed of exchange or preliminary agreement to a sale concerning a property or a leasehold without a public purchase witness
  • apply for a new mortgage
  • apply for a transfer of an electronic mortgage deed
  • apply for annulment of mortgage when the recipient of the mortgage deed is the owner of the property and the mortgage deed is electronic
  • appoint another person to act on your behalf in matters mentioned above
  • buy printouts from the registers concerning the object of documents drafted and signed in the service
  • electronically sign, for instance, a bill of sale sent by a real estate agent or a mortgage application sent by a bank
  • complete an application for registration of ownership

The service is available in Finnish and Swedish. Use the e-Identification service to authenticate yourself in the Property Transaction Service using your online banking codes, an electronic ID card or a mobile certificate.

The service is available every day at 00:15–23:15. Notices of disruptions of service are published on the front page of the service.

Application and service status

Check the status and any disturbances of applications and online services.