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Geodata portal Paikkatietoikkuna

Paikkatietoikkuna is the national geoportal presenting spatial data and related services from different data producers. Paikkatietoikkuna is an important part of Finland's implementation of INSPIRE.

The website contains over 2000 map layers from more than 60 organisations. By using the service, you can look at several superimposed map layers, embed a map on your own website, make statistical thematic maps and perform simple spatial data analyses. The map layers are imported via APIs, which means that the data in each map layer is as up to date as in the services of the particular data producer. Data producers are responsible for their data. 

Paikkatietoikkuna is intended for both spatial data professionals and everyone who is interested in maps and spatial data. On weekdays the geoportal has over 3000 daily users. 

Paikkatietoikkuna is a national geoportal service (hereinafter Paikkatietoikkuna) maintained by the National Land Survey of Finland. The service is available at

A map window functions either as a part of the portal or separately, hereinafter the Map service. The Map service is free of charge and available in compliance with the following terms.
The terms of use indicate for instance that Paikkatietoikkuna contains material protected under the Finnish Copyright Act and international conventions. Users may print out single maps for private use. All other copying of maps is prohibited.


The parties of this agreement are the holder of the right of use (hereinafter the User) and the National Land Survey of Finland as the administrator of Paikkatietoikkuna (hereinafter the NLS). The NLS has signed separate agreements with the providers of spatial datasets (hereinafter the Data providers) on offering map images and spatial data (hereinafter the Product) to be browsed through the Map service.


Paikkatietoikkuna allows the User to browse spatial data using the viewing and loading services of the spatial data infrastructure referred to in the INSPIRE directive (2007/2/EC). The Map service enables the User to view Products provided by means of different spatial datasets in different scales separately or one upon the other. It is also possible to browse information about the objects in the Products and to study the information explaining the Products as well as the metadata describing the spatial datasets as the initial data. The functionality of the Map service described above has been limited in some cases and for different Products.

After registration and log in, the User can store specific spatial data (points, lines and areas including feature data) in the database of the Map service for private use. The User may join communities available in the service, in the scope of which the User can exhibit specific spatial data to be viewed by other users in the community.

Proprietary rights

All rights concerning spatial datasets and Products, including copyrights and other proprietary rights belong to the NLS and other Data providers. More information about the rights is available in the metadata of the spatial datasets that the Products are based on.

Copying and detaching products, in whole or in part, from the Map service and making the contents available to the public by distributing, publicly presenting or displaying them and storing or reproducing the contents, in whole or in part, is prohibited. To use the Map service for educational purposes funded by public means is allowed. The User may for his/her private use in accordance with the Finnish Copyright Act and for use in thesis print out single maps from the service. All other copying of maps is prohibited.


In collaboration with the Data providers the NLS aims to offer the quality of the network services that the regulation (EC/976/2009) adopted by the EU commission requires. The NLS and the Data providers do not guarantee an uninterrupted functionality and availability of the service and are not liable to compensate for any costs, loss or damage the user has suffered as a result of the interruption of the Map service. The NLS is not responsible for the contents of other websites linked to the service. The contents of the Map service is shown as such, and the NLS or the Data providers are neither responsible for the authenticity, accuracy or reliability of the Product contents nor the direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of the information. The NLS is entitled to alter the Map service, to prevent access to the site and to discontinue the Map service.

If for some reason the proprietary rights of a Data provider have been infringed upon, the User is liable to pay compensation for the damage to the NLS and directly to the Data provider and to other parties for any misuse of the service.


Paikkatietoikkuna offers users a chance to register and log in as a User of the service. Upon registration, personal data is collected and stored in the NLS customer register (e-mail address, name, pseudonym and possibly the name of the organization the user represents). Information stored in the customer register can be used for maintaining and nurturing customer relations and also for communication associated with the development of the Map service. The pseudonym is shown in the Service to other users, but the NLS does not surrender any other information to outsiders.
The NLS aims to provide appropriate technical solutions in order to prevent access of non-authorized users to the customer register files.

Record of processing of personal data of a data subject

User ID and password

A user ID and a password are used to identify the User. The user ID is personal and the User has to make sure that the user ID and the password are not misused.

The NLS is entitled to cancel a user ID if the User does not use or has not used the Map service in compliance with these terms of use, current legislation and generally appropriate usage. The NLS is also entitled to temporarily prevent access to Paikkatietoikkuna, if required in view of the function of Paikkatietoikkuna. If the User has not logged into Paikkatietoikkuna for six (6) months, the NLS is entitled to cancel the user ID and the password of the User. The user ID and the password of the User created upon registration to Paikkatietoikkuna are deleted when the right of use ends. Irrespective of the termination of the agreement, the terms related to proprietary rights and the use of the Products remain effective for as long as they are significant.

Regulations concerning specific spatial data

Only contents provided in Finnish, Swedish or English may be stored in the Map service. The User may store specific spatial data in the service only from areas in Finland. The information stored in the Map service must comply with the law and good practice. The User should be entitled to process the contents he/she has stored, but such contents cannot be stored in the Map service that infringe upon the rights of any of the parties involved.
The NLS is not responsible for maintaining the contents stored by the User in the Map service of Paikkatietoikkuna. The NLS is entitled to study the contents the User has stored and at its own discretion delete the contents. The NLS is not liable to compensate for the deletion or disappearance of information stored by the User.

The use of cookies

The use of Paikkatietoikkuna is monitored by means of cookie files. The idea is to collect information on how and when Paikkatietoikkuna is used in order to further improve the service. The User may if he/she desires prevent the use of cookies in his/her browser, but such a measure can restrict the functions of Paikkatietoikkuna.

Linking the service

The User or a third party is entitled to create a link to Paikkatietoikkuna or the bottom side of it on his/her own website. The name of Paikkatietoikkuna must be shown in connection with the link. Through the link Paikkatietoikkuna should open in an empty window of the browser without frames. To create other types of links and to detach the contents is prohibited in the scope of these terms of use.

Application and service status

Check the status and any disturbances of applications and online services.