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This section features our services intended for apartment owners. This section also has information about apartments. We will explain what data our registers hold and how you can access this information.

We offer services for apartment owners

Information about housing companies and owners of residential and commercial properties are entered into the National Land Survey's Residential and Commercial Property Information System.

Are you thinking of selling or buying a residential or commercial property? We have compiled to-do-lists about the transaction for buyers and sellers. Our interactive instructions help you to check how to register your ownership in various situations.

Information for apartment owners This is how you can register the ownership of your apartment To-do list for apartment buyers To-do list for apartment sellers

Services for apartment owners


Paper share certificate into electronic form

Use our interactive instructions to check how to register the right of ownership to your apartment.

Help the environment – request e-invoices

The e-invoice is an easy and safe way to receive invoices from the National Land Survey to your online bank.