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Giving consent to the registration of ownership or pledges of an apartment

When the seller of an apartment has an electronic record of their ownership in the Residential and Commercial Property Information System, the buyer needs the seller’s consent to the registration of their ownership. This also applies to an owner apartment transferred by means of a deed of gift.

Consent is also required for the registration of pledges. In this case, consent will be given by the owner or the new recipient whose shareholdings are pledged.

Electronic record of ownership

  • The record of the ownership of a new owner is subject to the seller’s consent. Consent can be given by attaching a copy of the deed of sale or a separate written consent and the seller’s contact information (telephone number and email address) to the application. NLS will contact the seller to verify their consent. When the seller is a death estate, the seller’s consent will be verified from the estate’s declarant.

Paper share certificates

  • If an owner apartment does not have any electronic record of ownership, the seller’s consent is indicated by information about the transfer entered in the share certificate. When the new owner applies for the record of ownership, the original share certificate, including the transfer entry, must be attached to the application.

The lender (usually a bank) applies for the registration of pledges with the content of the owner or the new recipient whose shareholding is being pledged.

The lender will indicate the consent by attaching a copy of the signed pledge or other written consent to the application. The consent of the owner or the new recipient can also be indicated by their signature in the pledge registration application.

If ownership has not yet been transferred to the new recipient, the seller’s consent will also be needed to register the pledge. Otherwise, the pledge registration application will be pending, until the ownership has transferred.

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