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The National Land Survey handles and archives invoices electronically.

How to send invoices to the National Land Survey

The National Land Survey only accepts e-invoices.

The National Land Survey's e-invoicing address:

  • E-invoicing address/EDI code: 003702459544
  • OpusCapita Solutions Ltd operator code: E204503
  • National Land Survey of Finland's Business ID: 0245954-4
  • National Land Survey of Finland's VAT number: FI02459544

Invoices sent directly to the National Land Survey of Finland or the Central Government Service Centre for Financial Administration and HR will be returned to the sender. Please do not send anything to the invoicing address other than invoices or attachments to invoices. Any other material should be sent to the delivery address given by the customer.

Assign the invoice to one of our operation units: Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (FGI), General Administration, Information management or Production.

The recipient of the invoice should always be: National Land Survey / Operation unit / Orderer.

More information:

Accept e-invoices from the National Land Survey

All customers of the National Land Survey can order their invoices as e-invoices instead of the traditional paper invoices.

Individual customers can request e-invoices via their Finnish online banking services. In your online bank, there is a list of parties that can send e-invoices. From the list of options, select the National Land Survey of Finland.

If you do not use online banking services, you can sign a direct payment agreement with your bank. In this case, the National Land Survey of Finland will send you an invoice notification by post, and your bank will charge the invoice amount directly from your account on the due date.

For more information about e-invoices and direct payments, contact your bank.

The National Land Survey sends out its sales invoices primarily as e-invoices, provided that the customer is able to receive e-invoices. The National Land Survey will check the ability to receive e-invoices from the e-invoice address registry of Finnish Information Society Development Centre (TIEKE).

Invoicing contact information or changes to such information can be sent by e-mail to


Individual customers of the National Land Survey can also use the MobilePay app to pay invoices, if the paper invoice has the QR code necessary for paying, or the or OmaPosti invoice has a button for MobilePay payments. When you pay the invoice, you can subscribe so you get future invoices directly to the MobilePay app.

More information about how to pay invoices in the MobilePay app (in Finnish).

Contact information to invoicing and debt collection

You can reach the National Land Survey's invoicing team by phone +358 29 530 1135 (Mon–Fri 9:00–12:00). Calls to any of the National Land Survey's telephone numbers beginning with +358 295 only carry a local network charge or mobile phone call charge.

At other times, you can contact our invoicing team at: