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The National Land Survey as a workplace

Kaksi hymyilevää ihmistä kahvikupin äärellä toimistoympäristössä

The National Land Survey produces information, services and research about the Earth.

We perform cadastral surveys, maintain information about properties and dwellings, handle registrations of title and mortgages, produce map data and conduct spatial data research

At the National Land Survey, we invest in cooperation, believe in a culture where you can try and fail as well as improve our sustainability. In our work, we take into account the wellbeing of the environment, people, and the economy.

The National Land Survey has offices in 36 localities across Finland, from Mariehamn to Ivalo. In addition to our offices, our employees also work in the terrain, from home or in any other location best suited to the task at hand.

Information, services and research about the Earth

The majority of our employees work in surveying. Our cartographers and surveyors parcel out plots for summer cottages, mark out the boundaries of future motorways in the terrain and on the map and perform land consolidations of farmland to make the jobs of farmers easier.

Thanks to our experts in registration issues, land registration secretaries and lawyers, the owning, buying and selling of property as well as securing loans are in safe hands in Finland.

The researchers of the Finnish Geospatial Research Institute at the National Land Survey perform measurements and research benefiting the whole society in the field of mapping in cooperation with universities and research institutes, public organisations and companies in Finland and internationally.

The specialists at the Centre for ICT Services at the National Land Survey are responsible for the information systems and information management of the National Land Survey.

Employees are happy at the National Land Survey

The National Land Survey is a modern employer that invests in the wellbeing and satisfaction of its employees. Supervisors have been key – their competence and skills have been developed so that the employees can have a sense of good leadership in the organisation.

In 2022, job satisfaction at the National Land Survey was 3.95 on a scale 1–5 in the VMBaro survey. The average within public administration was 3.67.

Employees at the National Land Survey are especially happy with the possibility to combine work and private life (4.55, average within public administration 4.16). The National Land Survey's organisational culture encourages work in multiple locations. Working hours are very flexible.

Other strengths according to the survey were awareness of the goals of the work (4.49, average within public administration 4.30), confidence in the continuation of the employment relationship (4.52, average within public administration 4.05) and equal treatment from both the supervisor (4.38, average within public administration 4.20) and co-workers (4.45, average within public administration 4.31).

Our employer value proposition

You have a flexible and responsible employer who supports your competence development and enables coordination between work and leisure. Here at the NLS, we trust you and value your wellbeing at work.

See photos from our working days on Instagram

You can take a look at employees of the National Land Survey at work all over Finland on the photo-sharing service Instagram. In summertime our summer workers update our Instagram account. You can find these photos using the hashtag #MMLkesäduunari. Photos by other NLS employees are available using the hashtag #töissämaanmittauslaitoksessa (at work at NLS).

All photos are available also on the National Land Survey's Instagram account @maanmittaus. Follow us!

Get to know us

Service advisor JaninaService advisor Janina

Janina provides customer service at the service desk, by telephone and via email. In her job, she provides customers with guidance and makes inquiries for customers. 

Janina says that her work is very varied. No working week is the same as the last one. Her work also changes according to her own skills and strengths. 

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Research scientist Jesperi Jesperi Rantanen

In-car navigation equipment, map apps and various route guides on our phones have given us satellite navigation to make our daily lives easier. Jesperi's focus is on navigation and positioning, particularly in situations where satellite navigation does not work at all, such as indoors.

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Senior Research Scientist Mirjam Mirjam Bilker-Koivula

Gravitation is one of the basic forces of nature affecting everything in the universe. Just as gravitation keeps celestial bodies in their orbits, gravity keeps our feet on the ground. It is no wonder, then, that a genuine enthusiasm for her field of research is evident in the voice of Mirjam Bilker-Koivula, whose field of research at the Finnish Geospatial Research Institute FGI is gravity.

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