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What do our employees think about their workplace?

The job satisfaction of the National Land Survey's personnel has been at a really high level for a long time, and the trend is rising. Each year, we contemplate whether it is possible to gain even better results. Once more, we can note that it is possible!

Johanna Snellman.
National Land Survey of Finland

At the end of 2022, we asked again how our employees felt about about the year that had passed. The government's personnel survey VMBaro, which we use at the National Land Survey, measures job satisfaction from several viewpoints. The survey gives us information about what our employees think of leadership, the contents of their work, pay, updating skills, operating culture of the working community, working and operating environment, and interaction and communication. According to the results of the survey, all areas improved except for leadership, whose total marks dropped from the year before.

Content of work and possibilities to influence are considered excellent

At the National Land Survey, we still consider the content of work and the possibilities to influence excellent. This part of the survey reached the highest marks this time. All statements in this part reach an average of above four (on a scale from 1 to 5). Our work inspires and motivates us, and we can influence it. The objectives of our own work are also clear. The estimation of how interesting and challenging work is had risen significantly.

When studying single statements, the ability to balance work and private life still gets the best rating. Trust in the continuity of the employment relationship reaches almost as high a level. Other strengths of our workplace, such that have an average rating of above four, include fair treatment of people, the opportunities to learn and update one’s skills, and the operating culture of the working community. The rating of the experience of equality and non-discrimination is also high.

The total estimation of the pay part is still the lowest of all parts of the survey. The experience that the salary changes as the performance changes had, however, risen significantly. On the minus side, we have the drop in the leadership ratings, which we have looked into already.

All of the above make up the total estimation of job statisfaction at the National Land Survey, which already reaches an average of almost four.

According to the survey, we are on the right path

The job satisfaction of our employees directly affects the effectiveness and quality of our work. Job satisfaction also directly interrelates with customer satisfaction and the employer image.

In the spirit of continuous improvement and development, we want to strengthen all these dimensions even further. According to our strategy, we will continue our work to secure high-quality services, high-level research, and a good workplace. The objective of the development work is to maintain the employee satisfaction and the employee experience at least at the current level. Or could we do even better?


Johanna Snellman
Director of human resources


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