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View and download maps

You can view the National Land Survey's maps and aerial photographs on the internet.

On the MapSite, you can explore the National Land Survey's topographic maps and aerial photographs. You can search for maps from entire Finland among others with place names and coordinates. In addition to the map search, the service has many other features. Take a look at the map legend. On the MapSite, you will always see the most recent photograph, you can view old aerial photographs in the geoportal Paikkatietoikkuna.

In the geoportal Paikkatietoikkuna, you can view maps and spatial data provided by different data providers.

In our Karjalan kartat (Maps of Karelia) online service, you can view old maps of the Karelian areas that were ceded to Russia. The service contains parish maps and topographic maps which you can search with an extensive nomenclature search.

You can view old printed basic maps in online service (in FInnish). The maps were printed between 1949 and 1992.

Download maps from the web

You can download maps of Karelia at the following address: The link opens a directory structure for downloading maps. For more information, see the instructions.

You can download topographic maps and aerial photographs in digital format from the NLS File service of open data.

You can download old printed maps from our Old printed maps online service. The maps were printed between 1949 and 2006.


Look at topographic maps, aerial photos, property identifiers and property boundaries. You can also buy maps.

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