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How to start using old maps of Karelia

The map files are located at the following address:

You can copy files to be used for instance in village books etc. Remember to mark the following in conjunction with the publication: copyright National land Survey/The Finnish Defence Forces.

The directories have been named according to map type. By clocking the name of a map sheet, you can either download or open a map sheet from the directory.

You can return from a subdirectory to the main directory by clicking the Parent directory link.

Maps are not comprehensively available of the entire Karelian Isthmus. In the Search grid directory, there are index maps where you can check the coverage of the respective maps. The index maps have been named according to map type. In the directory, there is also a file called Yleislehtijako.jpg (general map-sheet division), which shows the map-sheet division, that is, the map sheet numbers of the parish map of Karelia in scale 1:20,000 and economic and topographic maps in scales 1:100,000.

Coverage of the  parish map 1:20 000 and topographic map 1:20 000 (pdf)

You can refer directly to the map sheet links with addresses of this type: