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Buy a map

We sell printed maps and several different types of map printouts. You can select the size of your map printout and the area covered by it. Printed maps are sold as map sheets.

Buy maps directly from MapSite

You can also buy maps via our customer service. If you do so, a handling charge is added to the price of your purchase.

Legend, map printouts (pdf)

Select the appropriate map product

You can select the size of your map printout and the area covered by it. You can download it immediately as a PDF file or order the printout to be sent to you by post.
You can select the information that you want to appear on the map:

  • Boundary markers
  • Cadastral boundaries
  • Property identifiers.

You can select either full or pale colours for displaying topographic data on your printout. In the MapSite preview window, you can check what the printout looks like with different information contents.

Printed maps are sold as map sheets. You can look at the map sheet division and available maps at MapSite. When ordering a printed map, you can choose between a basic map and a topographic map.
The basic map shows:

  •  Property boundaries
  •  Roads
  •  Buildings
  •  Waterways
  •  Fields
  •  Topographic features and elevations
  •  Protected zones and nature reserves.

The topographic map does not show cadastral boundaries or identifiers. In other ways, its data content is the same as that of the basic map.

Select scale and size

Map printouts can be ordered with a freely selected area coverage that is not dependent on the map sheet division. At MapSite you can see the size of the area that fits on the printout. There are several alternatives for printout sizes and scales available.

Printed map sizes:

  • The scale of the basic map is 1:25 000 and it covers an area of 12 km x 24 km.
  • The scale of the basic map is 1:20 000 and it covers an area of 10 km x 10 km.
  • The scale of the topographic map is 1:50 000 and each map sheet covers an area of 24 km x 48 km.

Please note that not all parts of Finland are presented on a printed basic map. If no printed map is available, the option is a map printout.

Take a look at printout specimens and examples (in Finnish)

Select map printout material

Map printouts are available in the following materials

  •  Paper
  •  Weatherproof plastic + PDF
  •  Weatherproof cloth + PDF

Weatherproof material is a good option for outdoor use. Weatherproof maps are available in sizes A2 and larger.

How to buy a printout

  • To ensure that the printout you order fulfils its purpose, please note the following:
  • The long format for property identifiers may make the map harder to read, particularly in densely populated areas. Therefore, we recommend the short format.
  • We recommend that you do not include boundary markers on large scale maps 1:15 000–1:250 000.
  • Select a thin boundary line whenever the scale is 1:10 000–1:25 000.
  • We recommend that you do not include boundary lines on maps in scales 1:50 000–1:250 000.
  • The map preview helps to ensure that the map meets your requirements.
  • A zoning base map is usually drawn on printouts in scales 1:500 or 1:1 000.

Other maps

You can browse our old basic maps and maps of Karelia through our online services. Cadastral survey maps from our archive are only available from our customer service. More information about old maps and documents.

Zoning base map

If you are applying for a building permit, you need a zoning base map. You can order a zoning base map in raster format from the MapSite. Zoning base maps are also available in vector format. To order a zoning base map, contact our customer service.