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E2 service

FINPOS station
FINPOS station

In the E2 service National Land Survey of Finland defines official EUREF-FIN coordinates for E2 class active GNSS reference stations. Public administration recommendation “Benchmark measurement in the EUREF-FIN coordinate system” (in Finnish) recommends that if GNSS reference station is in broad use it should be classified to E2 class. Owner of an reference station gets precise coordinates for a station in Finnish national coordinate reference system by including station to the E2-service. The service is free of charge to the owner of reference station.

Coordinate lists below are updated when new stations are added or old station experiences changes e.g. antenna replaces. Last big update at autumn 2021 was due to new NKG (Nordic Geodetic Commission) transformation from ITRF to EUREF-FIN.

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EUREF-FIN coordinates for E2 class stations