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Feedback on or request for accessibility

You can use this form to give feedback on deficiencies in accessibility that you have found on the website. You can request for yourself in a suitable and accessible format such contents of websites that do not conform to the accessibility requirements. You can also request specifications of the reasons when disproportionate burden is claimed in the accessibility statement. To protect your personal data, we ask you not to write any health information on the form.

The request for accessibility must be reasonable, and you can give feedback on accessibility only of such websites that the accessibility requirements apply to (in Finnish).

If necessary, you can read more detailed instructions on your right to give feedback on accessibility (in Finnish).

Write here the website and what deficiencies you have discovered. You may add a link to the page where you discovered deficiencies.
Write here what contents you request, in which format you wish to receive the contents, and for what purpose you need the contents. You may add a link to the contents that you wish to receive in an accessible format.

We will reply to your feedback on or request for accessibility within two weeks, if you fill in your contact information below. In extensive requests related to accessibility, the National Land Survey has the right to extend the response time with two weeks. We will also process feedback left without contact information and try to correct the problems that have been brought forward.

The National Land Survey processes personal data to perform official duties. Below, you can look at the data protection descriptions concerning personal data processing.