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Participating in a cadastral survey

Matters pertaining to a cadastral survey are handled and decisions taken at a cadastral survey meeting. Read your invitation carefully. The invitation contains information about the purpose of the cadastral survey and the date, time and place of the cadastral survey meeting.

If you are the applicant, you will receive a notice of institution of cadastral proceedings and the contact information of the cadastral surveyor before the invitation to the meeting.

The progress of a cadastral survey

You will receive an invitation to a cadastral survey meeting, where you can give your own views on matters related to the survey and make demands and ask questions. Participating in a cadastral survey is the simplest way to influence the proceeding. If you are unable to attend, you can present your views in writing before the meeting or give a power of attorney to a representative who will act on your behalf at the meeting.

Work in the terrain can take place before or at the meeting.

Decisions are made by the cadastral surveyor. If one of the parties to the survey demands it or if the type of cadastral survey requires it, decisions are made by the cadastral surveyor and two trustees appointed by the municipality.

Decisions concerning the costs of the cadastral survey and how they are shared between the participants are made at the cadastral survey meeting. Cost estimates for cadastral surveys are listed in our pricelist.

You have the right to appeal decisions taken at a cadastral survey to the land court (district court). The appeal period is 30 days following the cadastral survey meeting. You can request the cadastral survey documents during the appeal period (available free of charge from the National Land Survey in Finnish and Swedish only).

When the cadastral survey has been registered, the cadastral documents will be archived in the National Land Survey's archive and copies will be sent to you. Following registration, information related to the cadastral survey can be found in the cadastre.

More information about current cadastral surveys

Some larger cadastral surveys in progress have their own webpage containing more information about the survey. Depending on the cadastral survey, information is available in Finnish, Swedish or both. The webpage URL of your cadastral survey is written on your invitation to the cadastral survey meeting.

You can also search for the cadastral survey on the Cadastral surveys in progress webpage using the cadastral survey number, municipality or type of cadastral survey.