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Laser scanning data 5 p available for download as individual map sheets

Laser scanning data is now available for download in the Download geospatial data section on MapSite as individual map sheets. In the map view, you can select one or more map sheets. The maximum amount per download is 4,000 map sheets. A map sheet covers 1 km x 1 km.

Map sheets have already been available for download one production area at a time. The files of production areas are large and take time to download. We have attempted to speed up downloads by splitting production areas into more and smaller download packages. From now on, a downloadable zip file contains a maximum of 200 map sheets. One map sheet file is approx. 70 MB, which means that the average zip file is approx. 14 GB. Formerly, download packages were twice as large.

Read the product description for more information about the product Laser scanning data 5 p.

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