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Now you can create links to places and properties more easily

MapSite users have wished for easier linking directly to a certain place or property. The service has been updated, and from now on, it is possible to create links by editing the URL of the service. You can use such links, for instance, on your own website or on social media.

You can create a link

  • with a search word or an address to the search and its results
  • to a certain coordinate point
  • to a property with the property identifier

How to do it

You can create links by adding certain values, i.e. parameters, to the URL of the MapSite You can also combine parameters and submit several at the same time. Separate the parameters with the "&" character.

Make a search

  • ?search=search word
  • the search word can be a place name, an address, or a property identifier

Show the search result on the map

  • showOnMap=true
  • shown on the map
  • if you do not submit a value, the search result is not shown on the map


  • n=xxxxxxx&e=xxxxxx
  • n = ETRS-TM35FIN North coordinate and correspondingly e = East coordinate

Zoom level of the map

  • zoom=xx
  • options 1‒13 (the greater the number, the more accurate the map)

User interface language

  • lang=fi / lang=sv / lang=eng
  • Finnish / Swedish / English


Link to search of place name "Pasila":

Link to search of place name "Pasila", the search result is also shown on the map:

Link to search of address "Ratavartijankatu 2, Helsinki", the search result is also shown on the map: 2 helsinki&showOnMap=true

Link to property 91-17-16-1, the search result is shown on the map, Swedish user interface:

Link to coordinate point N: 6710746 / E: 239291 (ETRS-TM35FIN), map layer 10:

In the service, you can still use the "Share map link" function in the menu in the right margin. You can give a name and description to links created with this tool. The name and description will be shown on the map.


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