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Instructions of Open data file download service

1. General information

  • The map sheet division of each product shows the type of downloadable files.
  • The products contain geodata in vector or raster form. Products in raster form are image files and look like maps. Products in vector form consist of data in the form of points, lines and areas including attribute data. Imaging technology is not included. 
  • The use of the products requires suitable software that is able to read the file format in question.
  • All products that are available for download via the service can be used in accordance with the terms of use of the open data.
  • Instructions are shown in the status bar at the top of the map.
  • In the IE8 browser you can select map sheets only in the more accurate scales owing to browser performance problems.

2. Select the product to be downloaded from the list on the left

  • When clicking a product, a list of different product versions opens below the product. Select the version you wish to download by clicking the green + button. Click the ? button for the product’s metadata. File specific metadata is shown on the download page described in point 8.
  • Selected products are shown at the bottom left.

3. Select file format

  • Alternative file formats for a product version are shown at the bottom left.
  • The default file format can be changed with the arrow keys.
  • A product may be available in only one file format.
  • A product can be downloaded in only one file format per order. You have to make a new order if you want the same product in several formats.

4. Show map sheet division on the map

  • Follow the instructions at the top of the map to zoom in or out on the map. The map sheet division is shown when you have zoomed in to the correct scale on the map.
  • Background maps  transparency can be adjusted with the scroll bar.

5. Select map sheet on the map

  • Select single map sheet by clicking the map with the arrow tool.
  • Select several map sheets simultaneously by clicking with the arrow-rectangle tool and dragging a rectangle on the map.
  • Selected sheets are shown on the list on the right.
  • Sheets which are unavailable in the download service are shown in grey with the text ’unavailable, info’. Click the info-link to learn why the sheet is unavailable. Depending on the product, the sheet may not exist at all, or it may be available but must be ordered separately (plus handling charges).
  • A selected sheet can be deselected by clicking the X button.
  • One order may contain a maximum of 100 map sheets per product.

6. Select the next product to be downloaded

  • You can select several products to a single download order. Start the ordering process by selecting the product version to be downloaded in the list on the left, as shown in point 2.

7. Place your download order

  • When you have selected all the products you wish to download and they are shown in the list on the right, click the button ’Place your order’ to place your order.
  • Check your order.
  • Provide your contact details and accept the terms of use. E-mail address and acceptance of the terms of use are required, the other information is voluntary.
  • Place your  order.

8. Download files

  • Approximately thirty minutes after you place your order, a message will be sent to your e-mail address.
  • The message contains a link to a webpage which contains a download link to each selected file. The page also contains file specific metadata, such as a timestamp. The page is available for 30 days.
  • The download speed depends on your Internet connection and on how busy the service is. If the download fails, try again later.

9. Unpack files

  • Laser scanning data is compressed in LAZ-format. Use laszip.exe, available from  to unpack the files.
  • Other data is compressed in zip-format (filename ends in .zip) and may be unpacked with any compression application available online.