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Instructions of Paikkatietoikkuna

Paikkatietoikkuna is a map service that covers the area of Finland, in which you can create your own map views from map layers produced by one or more organisations. A map layer is a map related to one theme. A map layer can also include tabular data about features.

Paikkatietoikkuna user interface


In Paikkatietoikkuna, you can, for instance:

  • save a map view and share it with your friends as a link
  • publish an embedded interactive map on your website
  • create thematic maps based on statistical indicators
  • perform simple spatial data analyses.

Some functions are available for registered users only. Sign in or register by using the links in the top left-hand corner. As a registered user, you can check your own data in the My Data menu. Before registration, you must read and accept the terms of use.

The user instructions have been divided into different tabs. Below, there is a description of the functions of each tab.



Would you like to change the map view? With the help of the map tools, you can, for instance, add your own features on the map, save the map view as an image file or create a link to the map view to be shared with others. See the Tools tab for instructions on how to use the tools.


Would you like to focus the map on a specific place or find a map layer for a specific purpose? You can search for places and datasets by using the "Search" tool. Read on the Search tab how the search works.

Map Layers

How do I add map layers to a map view? Read on the Map Layers tab how to add map layers, change the settings for map layers and make feature data related to the map layer visible. As a signed-in user, you can also create a map layer of your own and add features to it.

Create Map

Would you like to publish a map on your website? With the "Create Map" function, you can do this without coding. You only need to define a few features for the map and copy a few lines of HTML code onto your website. Read on the Map Publishing how to publish maps.

Thematic maps

Would you like to create thematic maps based on datasets containing statistical information? You can do this with the "Thematic Maps" function. You can use a wide set of preset indicators, and you can also create your own. Read on the Thematic Maps tab how to make thematic maps.


Would you like to perform simple analyses on map layers containing feature data? You can do this with the "Analyse" function. You can, for instance, draw zones around a feature, calculate key figures, and combine and cut features. Read on the Analysis tab how to perform analyses.