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The MapSite terms for ordering and delivery

The MapSite terms for ordering and delivery apply to the ordering and delivery of printed maps and map printouts from the National Land Survey's e-service (MapSite webshop). Terms for ordering and delivery also apply to orders of open data in the Download geospatial data section of MapSite where appropriate.

1. Ordering

First, you select the products you want to order and put them in the shopping basket. After that, you will be transferred to the checkout. The order can also include open data products that are available free of charge. You will be shown a summary of the products you have selected. Confirm your order by checking the box to verify that you have read the terms for ordering and delivery and by clicking the "Pay" button. After this, it is no longer possible to modify an order. When you confirm an order, you will receive an electronic confirmation of order, where you can check the order information.

The National Land Survey reserves the right to cancel an order if the ordered printed map or map printout is not available or otherwise impossible to deliver to the customer.

2. Payment

To order map printouts or printed maps as well as Laser scanning material 5p, you must have access to personal online banking access codes or a credit card.

Payments are handled by the government's common payment service (payments). This service uses the Paytrail payment transaction system.

Individual customers can pay using the following online bank access codes: Aktia, Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, Nordea, Osuuspankki, POP Pankki, S-Pankki, Oma Säästöpankki, Säästöpankki and Ålandsbanken; or the following credit cards: Visa and Master Card. Any refunds will be paid to the account or credit card that was used for the original payment. In some cases (for example, Ålandsbanken) Paytrail will request the bank account to be used for refund payments by e-mail.

In the online payments used by business and organisational customers, the open PSD2 interfaces used by banks will be used for payment transfers to the extent that the bank has a contract with Paytrail. If you represent a business or organisational customer, ask your bank about this possibility. 

You pay for your order when you are making the order, before the products are delivered, unless otherwise noted in conjunction with the service. You are responsible for any payments made using your online bank access codes or credit card.

3. Delivery methods

Printed maps are sent by post to the address provided by the orderer in conjunction with the order. The order processing time is usually approx. 7 working days.

Map printouts are delivered in a cardboard package. The package can be called for at the post office selected by the orderer when making the order. The order processing time is usually approx. 8 working days.

Map printouts are available for 30 days following the order for download as PDF-files by clicking the link provided on the confirmation of order. Map printouts in size A4 are not delivered on paper as printouts, only as PDF-files for download via a link.

Open geodata products are available for 30 days following the order for download as files in various formats by clicking the link provided on the confirmation of order. 

Printed maps and map printouts are only sent to addresses in Finland.

4. Contacts

When making an order, you accept that the National Land Survey can contact you by post, telephone, e-mail or via a messaging service in matters related to your order and its delivery.

5. Right of return and product faults

Printed basic and topographic maps can be exchanged or returned within two weeks of purchase, provided that the product is free from defects and can be sold. The customer pays for the return. To return a product, contact the National Land Survey's customer service to agree on the details of the exchange or return: asiakaspalvelu(at)

Map printouts are made-to-order customer products that cannot be exchanged or returned unless the material of the product is faulty or there is another equivalent fault. Choices made by the customer that affect the printout, such as the selection of product, area, the data contents of the map or the presentation style do not count as faults.

Printed maps, map printouts, and geodata products may contain defects and inaccuracies.  The National Land Survey is not liable for direct or indirect damage to the customer or a third party caused by the use of the product, unless otherwise provided in peremptory legislation.

6. Immaterial rights

Copyrights and other immaterial rights related to printed maps and map printouts belong to the National Land Survey or a third party. As the customer you do not have the right to make a printed map or map printout available to the public by distributing, presenting or displaying it in public, or to store or produce copies of it without prior permission from the National Land Survey.

In spite of the statement above, you have the right to print out or store on your own computer or similar piece of equipment single copies of map printouts that you have ordered. As the customer, you also have the right to by copying make single copies of printed maps for your own use.

You can use the open data from the Download geospatial data -section  for open data in accordance with the National Land Survey open data CC 4.0 licence

It is possible to use the data subject to use restrictions (Laser scanning data 5 p) in the Download geospatial data section in accordance with the applicable terms of use.

7. Applicable law and the settlement of disputes

Ordering map printouts and printed maps is subject to Finnish legislation with the exception of regulations related to the selection of applicable legislation.

When there is a dispute concerning an order between the National Land Survey and the customer, the intention is to primarily attempt to solve such disputes through negotiation between the parties. If such negotiation does not result in the settlement of the dispute, the first court instance to settle the disagreement is the Helsinki District Court.