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Open data file updating service - interface description

The Open data file updating service is an Atom feed that you can use to download files related to specific products that have been updated after any given date. The feed provides direct download links to the files. 

To use the service you need a user-specific identification key, which can be ordered by e-mail free of charge.

Order a user-specific identification key

The addresses used in the service have the following format:

File download service feed (product listing):

The address above contains links to the product-specific feeds, with addresses of the following format:<product identifier>/<product version>


The following URL parameters can be passed on to the service:

Parameter Significance Compulsory? Example value
api_key Identification key Yes  
updated Date in ISO8601 format No 2012-05-12T00:00
crs Coordinate system No etrs-tm35fin, EPSG:3067
format File format as MIME type No image/jp2
offset Initial file following page offset No 1001
lang language


fi, sv, en

The parameter “updated” can be given as either a simple date or the time can be included as well. If the parameter has not been given, the response sent by the service includes all files that match the search terms of the product in question.

The service can return the information regarding 1000 files per search. If this limit is passed, subsequent files can be downloaded using the attribute “next” of the link element “rel” (rel=”next”), which is located below the “feed” element.

The following values can be used with the parameter “format”:

Tiedostomuoto MIME-tyyppi
LAZ application/x-laz
TIFF image/tiff
PNG image/png
GML application/gml%2Bxml
ESRI shape application/x-shapefile
MapInfo mif application/x-mapinfo-mif
JPEG2000 image/jp2
ascii grid application/x-ascii-grid
ascii xyz application/x-ascii-xyz
TXT text/plain

Reply messages by the service

The results of searches are shown as feeds that follow the Atom 1.0 standard, where each file is an entry. The value of the element “updated” of an entry is always the timestamp of the most recent update. The size of a file is shown as bytes in the attribute “length” of the link element and the filename is shown in the element “title”.


  <title>Updating service feed for product Orthophoto, colour </title>




    <link href="//""><api-key>/tuotteet/../1/L4122F.jp2api_key=tun..."

 length="191694290" rel="alternate" type="image/jp2"/>






The orientation files of raster datasets are linked to the “entry” elements of the feed with the attribute rel=”related”: <link rel="related" href="//"">"/>


A listing of available products and their file formats:<api-key>  

 A listing of all orthophotos in JPEG2000 format that have been modified 1.6.2012 or later:

All files of the product Topographic map 1:250 000 in ESRI Shape file format: