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Technical description

The INSPIRE View Services are intended to be utilised by WMS (Web Map Service) compliant applications.

GetCapabilities queries by WMS services:

INSPIRE Download Services are intended to be utilised by WFS 2.0 (Web Feature Service) compliant applications. These services support Ad hoc queries.

GetCapabilities queries by WFS services:

A description of each service and the data available through each service is available from the metadata catalogue Paikkatietohakemisto in accordance with the INSPIRE Directive.

You can send questions and feedback concerning the use of our services.

Known problems and faults

Due to the complexity of INSPIRE schemas, WFS services do not work perfectly in most client applications. We accept feedback on the functioning of WFS services in customer applications.

Because the INSPIRE schemas are so complex, we recommend that searches in WFS services should be as precisely defined as possible for a faster response.