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Changes in how to order Laser scanning data 5 p

The method for ordering the National Land Survey's detailed laser scanning data is changing by the autumn of this year. Until now, a form has been used to order the dataset, but in future, orders will be submitted on the MapSite.

Ordering the dataset will continue to require a licence and carry a charge, but the process of licence acquisition and payment will be more automated in future. On the MapSite, the person ordering the dataset will be identified using strong authentication and the order will be paid via online banking. The licence granting the right to use the product will be automatically created on the MapSite and it will be sent to the customer with the dataset.

The dataset can be ordered by production area and later by map sheet.

The public will be informed in late summer and autumn of the schedule of the reform on the National Land Survey's website.

Laser scanning data refers to three-dimensional point-like data depicting the ground and objects on the ground. The point density of the accurate dataset produced by the National Land Survey is 5 points/m2. A dataset that has been generalised from the accurate dataset is available as open data with a point density of 0.5 points/m2. More information about the laser scanning data is available in the product description.

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