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Development of sustainability at the NLS

Maanmittauslaitoksen työntekijä kävelee maastossa ja katsoo maisemaa.

The first sustainability programme is currently being developed at the National Land Survey. The goal is to finalise the programme towards the end of 2021. The programme describes what sustainability means at the National Land Survey and how we intend to improve sustainability in future.

At the NLS, the director of communications and social responsibility is responsible for the development of sustainability and the preparation of the sustainability programme. Planning and development activities are carried out in the sustainability network, which crosses the organisation’s unit boundaries. The entire personnel of the NLS are encouraged to take part in the preparation of the sustainability programme. Decisions affecting sustainability at the NLS are presented to and approved by the strategy team, led by the Director General of the National Land Survey of Finland.

Sustainability reporting since 2014

Sustainability report 2020 (pdf)
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Sustainability report 2018 
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Sustainability report 2016 
Sustainability report 2015 
Sustainability report 2014 (pdf)