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INSPIRE Directive compliant Download Services and View Services

INSPIRE Directive compliant web services published by the National Land Survey consist of View Services (WMS) and Download Services (WFS) used to view spatial data.

The services are available as open services and free of charge.

The services make it possible to access INSPIRE directive compliant data products that the National Land Survey and the Population Register Centre are obliged to provide.
Data products (and the corresponding abbreviation of the theme as specified in the INSPIRE Directive):

Addresses (AD):
Data product compiled from building address data in the Population Information System.
Administrative Units (Administrative Units AU)
Data product describing administrative units and derived from the property division.

Buildings (BU)
There is both a data product compiled from building data in the Population Information System and a data product compiled from the building data in the Topographic Database.

Cadastral Parcels (CP)
Data product compiled from data in the Land Information System containing data from the Cadastre (accurate property division is available by consulting cadastral survey documents and from the terrain).

Geographical Names (GN)
Data product compiled from geographical names in the Geographic Names Register.

Hydrography (HY)
Data product compiled from hydrographical data in the Topographic Databaset

The services are available as open services and free of charge and can be taken into use without making an order, see deployment below.


Application and service status

Check the status and any disturbances of applications and online services.