Order extracts and certificates

At the National Land Survey, you can buy extracts and certificates that contain information about properties.

NLS e-service

The fastest and cheapest way to buy extracts and certificates is via our e-service. Extracts are sent as pdf-files by e-mail. You will receive a link by e-mail for downloading and printing your files.

For the time being, our e-service is available only for individual customers and it is available in Finnish and Swedish. The use of the NLS e-service requires strong authentication.

Order form

You can also buy extracts and certificates about real properties by ordering them using a form. On the order form, tell us if you want the extracts as a PDF file by e-mail or on paper by post. Make sure you know the property identifier before placing your order.

There is no right of return for extracts and certificates.

Please note that extracts are available in Finnish and Swedish.

We sell the following extracts and certificates

Select the extract you need from the following alternatives.

Certificate of title

The ownership information of a real property unit is shown on the certificate of title. A certificate of title can be ordered for a real property unit (property) or an unseparated parcel.

Certificate of mortgages and encumbrances

The certificate of mortgages and encumbrances shows the mortgages, special rights and annotations that concern the property.

Information about mortgage deeds, leases, usufruct rights, pension rights and rights of use as well as agreements to divide the possession between joint owners, and registered foreclosures are shown on the certificate of mortgages and encumbrances.

Extract from the cadastre

The extract from the cadastre contains basic information about the property such as the property identifier, registration date and area.

In addition, the extract contains information about the formation of the cadastral unit, master and local detailed plans, easements, rights-of-use and shares in jointly-owned areas.

Extract from the cadastral index map

On the extract from the cadastral index map, the property is emphasised. If a property consists of more than one parcel, all parcels are shown on the first page. On subsequent pages, each parcel is shown on its own page.

Certificate of leasehold

The leaseholder of a property is shown on the certificate of lease. To place an order for an extract, you need the establishment identifier from the lease invoice.

Right-of-use unit extract

The right-of-use unit extract shows rights-of-way and other easements. The name of the private road maintenance association as well as the private road identification number and contact information (if submitted), in addition to a list of properties that are adjacent to the road are shown on the right-of-use unit extract. This extract is not available via the NLS E-service, you can order it from our customer service.

Extract from the Official purchase price register

From the Official purchase price register, you can order price information concerning an individual property. If the buyer or seller is a physical person, his or her personal information is not shown on the extract. This extract is not available via the NLS E-service, you can order it from our customer service.