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The MapSite section Download Spatial Data has been published

The MapSite section Download Spatial Data has been completed and taken into use.

The new service is replacing the old Open data file download service. All the data sets that have been made available through the old service can be downloaded from the new one. The old Open data file download service will be closed later in the spring. The directory interface, change information service and ATOM feed that are a part of the old service will remain functional.

Most important changes between the old and the new service

  • More alternatives have been added for downloading the Topographic database and the cadastral index map. Both can be downloaded, in addition to a map sheet format, with custom demarcation, by municipality and as a package including datasets of the whole country. In the first stage, the cadastral index map can only be downloaded in the map sheet format and other alternatives will be added soon.
  • Users can demarcate many datasets using custom regional demarcations.
  • The GeoPackage file format has been made available for several vector datasets.
  • It is possible to download file packages of datasets via the Spatial data file download service (OGC API Processes) interface service that runs in the background of the download service. Read more about the interface service in the service description (in Finnish).
  • The new service does not support the MIF/MID file format.

A complete list of datasets provided in the service and other information about the service is available in the service description.

Latest service messages