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People who feel well

Iloiset ihmiset kahvipöydän ääressä.

At the NLS, social sustainability means looking after the personnel, covering occupational safety and health, competence development and job satisfaction, for example. However, social sustainability also extends outside the NLS organisation. We want to protect and develop equality and non-discrimination in interaction with our stakeholders, sharing information.

The National Land Survey invests in job satisfaction

The National Land Survey is a modern employer that invests in the wellbeing and satisfaction of its employees.

In 2020, job satisfaction at the National Land Survey was 3.96 on a scale 1–5 in the VMBaro survey. The average within public administration was 3.67.

Employees at the National Land Survey are especially happy with the possibility to combine work and private life (4.52, average within public administration 4.13). The National Land Survey's organisational culture encourages work in multiple locations. Working hours are very flexible.

Other strengths according to the survey were awareness of the goals of the work (4.49, average within public administration 4.27), confidence in the continuation of the employment relationship (4.51, average within public administration 3.97) and equal treatment from both the supervisor (4.33, average within public administration 4.20) and co-workers (4.40, average within public administration 4.25).

Enabling the development of employees

The NLS supports and encourages its personnel in the continuous development of their competence. Among other methods, the NLS provides a mentoring programme, degree programmes, online studies, internal group training, job rotation and individual external training for competence development.

In addition, supervisors regularly review competence goals and development needs with employees. The target is to comprehensively promote the development of a learning-oriented operating environment, and the operational models that support it.

Equality and non-discrimination at the NLS

The starting point of all the activities of the National Land Survey of Finland (NLS) is that different groups of people have equal access to the services provided by the NLS. As an employer, we also strive to ensure the equal treatment of our personnel. 

We promote equality and non-discrimination in the following ways:

  • We systematically develop equality within our operations.
  • We regularly monitor the fulfilment of equality.
  • We observe the relevant legislation and other operating principles. 

The equality and non-discrimination plan helps the NLS to maintain and develop the equal treatment of its customers and other external stakeholders. 

Operational plan on equality and non-discrimination for 2021-2025 (pdf)

Read more in the sustainability report

In the National Land Survey’s sustainability report for 2020 (pdf), you can read more about how the National Land Survey invests in the wellbeing of its employees.