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Traineeships and theses or final projects

Kuvassa joukko ihmisiä seisoo puun alla kesäisessä maisemassa. Etualalla seisoo nuori mies, joka katsoo kameraan ja hymyilee.


The National Land Survey offer students internship positions and the opportunity to write study-related theses or carry out study-related final projects.

Internship positions

The National Land Survey offers traineeships mainly in the summer. Each summer, we have offered approx. 100 summer jobs. The summer jobs are scheduled between April and October, and the application period is in January.

We advertise all our summer jobs at the service and at the Aarresaari network.

We hire summer workers for:

  • positions within surveying
  • ICT positions
  • research positions
  • customer service
  • property registration positions
  • financial administration
  • information and archive services
  • communication

Theses or final projects

The National Land Survey offers students – especially students of surveying – an opportunity to write study-related theses or carry out study-related final projects. By having theses written or final projects carried out, the National Land Survey gains access to the newest research and expertise.

The subject of the thesis or final project is customised according to the National Land Survey's needs in such a way that it meets the goals of the university's theses and the student's Curriculum.

We advertise our thesis positions on our external website and, depending on the subject, on the electronic information channels of various educational institutes, for example Aarresaari.

Introduction to working life

The National Land Survey offers opportunities to get introduced to working life as well. Practical work training is offered at the National Land Survey's offices across Finland. If you are interested, you can contact us by e-mail at The practical work training positions are aimed at secondary pupils from Finnish educational institutes.