To-do list for the buyer of a property

You should prepare carefully before buying a property, an unseparated parcel or a designated share of a property.

Before the purchase

  • Always check the certificate of title and the certificate of mortgages and encumbrances. Ask the seller to provide you with the certificates or order them from the National Land Survey. The certificates are subject to a charge.
  • Visit the property that you consider buying, make sure you know where its boundaries are and the condition it is in.
  • The municipal building inspection authority can provide you with more information about building permits and zoning.
  • The Official purchase price register provides information about actual purchase prices. If you wish, you can compare the property you are buying with information in the register. Information about individual property purchases is available from our customer service.

Make the purchase

  1. Draft a bill of sale
    a) As the buyer, you can together with the seller draft the bill of sale in the Property Transaction Service. (in Finnish)
    b) It is also possible to draft the bill of sale on paper. In such cases, both the buyer and seller must be present in one location to sign it and have it witnessed by a public purchase witness.

  2. The municipality may have the right of pre-emption in a property sale. The right of pre-emption is valid for three months following the date of sale.

  3. Register your right of ownership that is apply for registration of title within six months of signing the bill of sale. At the same time, you can apply for a mortgage.

  4. When the registration of title is complete, the unseparated parcel is converted into a new property in a parcelling procedure, which is initiated automatically.