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Who owns this property unit?

Sometimes it is necessary to find out the information related to the owner of a property. Ownership information includes the property identifier, the name of the property, and the name and address of the owner. They are available only in Finnish and Swedish.

To find out who owns a property, you must know its property identifier.

When you know the property identifier, you can:

  • Go to the NLS e-service to buy a certificate of title, which is subject to a separate charge. The certificate indicates the owner’s name and date of birth. The service is available in Finnish and Swedish. The use of the NLS e-service requires strong authentication.
  • Place a call (tel. +358 29 530 1110) to request information on the ownership details of properties (free of charge for up to ten properties per year).
  • Request information about the owners of one or more properties via email ( for a separate charge. If you need information about the owners of more than ten properties or information about the address of an owner, you need to fill in a form to explain why you need this information. The form is available in Finnish and Swedish.

Please note that we do not provide property ownership information

  • for use in direct marketing or opinion polls or market surveys or
  • to enable contacting a property owner for the purpose of purchasing the property.