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How to register new FINPOS user

To create new user account in FINPOS: 

  1. Go to the user portal at
  2. Press ‘New Login' to start creating a new user account
  3. Fill in the form and read and accept the terms and conditions of the service. Please save your username and password!
  4. Click ‘Register to save
  5. You will receive a confirmation of registration to the email address you provided

The user account is valid for two years, and before it expires, you will receive an email with a link to extend its validity. If you would like to delete your FINPOS user account, please contact us using the form

The following FINPOS services are directly available to you with the created user account:

Access to the RTK service

If you want to apply for access to the RTK service in addition to these services, first create the username and password (steps 1–5 above). Then log in with the credentials you have created on the web portal and under ‘RTK (testikäyttö)’ press ‘to register’ and on the page that opens, justify your RTK usage needs. RTK access can be granted for research, testing and development purposes for three months at a time. 

Additional information: RTK service.

Two-factor authentication

For logging in to user portal you can enable two-factor authentication. This means logging to user portal is done besides a username and password with a mobile phone’s authentication application. Two-factor authentication keeps your user information more secure than only password protection. Enabling two-factor authentication does not affect caster connections.

To enable two-factor authentication login to user FINPOS portal, go to your account information to section “Two-factor authentication” and follow instructions.

Terms of Service

Please also refer to the terms of use of the service and the service descriptions regarding the processing of the data subject's personal data:

Contact and give feedback for positioning services

We are happy to assist you in your questions.

Contact us for example when you wish to delete your user account or report a disruption in the services.