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Raw data service

Raw data service provides real-time GNSS data streams gathered from the FinnRef and FINPOS reference stations of the National Land Survey of Finland (NLS). The service is subject to a charge and a separate agreement. Service prices can be found in the NLS price list (under title "NLS GNSS real-time data"). If you are interested in purchasing the data or require more information, please contact  

Data can be purchased from a single station, for example, to be used unmodified in real-time kinematic (RTK) positioning or from a group of stations for example for providing a positioning or other service. Observation data from reference stations is sent to customers unmodified. Data from roughly 90 reference stations is available in the service. Further information about FinnRef-stations, and listing of FINPOS-stations can be found from E2-service

Customers receiver username and password for connecting to the service. Data is sent to customers across the Internet using the Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol (NTRIP). The credentials allow customers to connect to as many data streams as each customer has ordered.

The data available in the service is primarily in RTCM 3 format (MSM7 message types for observation data). The message types sent and their descriptions are presented in the table below.

The raw data service’s mountpoints send at least the following messages from stations:


Message type Transmission interval (seconds)Content
100630Reference station location
100830Reference station's antenna type
101360Parameters: Reference station ID, modified Julian date (MJD), leap seconds (GPST-UTC difference), etc. 
103330Reference station's antenna and receiver type 
10771GPS observations (MSM7)
10871GLONASS observations (MSM7)
10971Galileo observations (MSM7)
11071SBAS observations (MSM7)
11271Beidou observations (MSM7)
123060GLONASS code and phase observation difference

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